Andrew Schafer, Founder and President of the Company has been involved in the lumber industry for over 50 years. Having owned and operated a saw mill for twenty years in addition to managing a wholesale operation, Andrew has earned the status of a respected expert in all areas of the lumber Industry. Andrew continues to lead the Cut Rite Lumber team, and meets weekly with customers and suppliers to ensure Cut Rite can offer a deep supply of quality lumber that arrives on time and meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Dwain Lindsay grew up in a lumber family and carried on the tradition in the lumber business with over 28 years of experience. He traded, managed, and finally opened his own firm in 1996. For the past 13 years Dwain has had an exclusive partnership with Cut Rite Lumber bringing his vast expertise and high level of customer service to all his clients, including a full range of customers from wood moulding, furniture, pallet, and industrial manufacturers to exporters and exporting agents in both the North American and International Marketplace. Dwain is particularly strong with his follow through from order initiation to the delivery and performance of the product once in the customer's hands.

Richard Larocque learned about the lumber industry by his father's side at the family sawmill which lead him to pursue a formal education in the lumber business including extensive training ranging from a Class A grader-measurer, to forestry engineering and saw mill operations, and he has over 30 years of experience in the timber and lumber wholesale industry. In 1981 Richard opened his company, Golden Wood, and has worked exclusively with Cut Rite Lumber ever since. Richard has very deep domestic and international experience working in worldwide markets from North America to the Middle East, Europe, and Asia (Taiwan and Hong Kong). Richard's expertise allows him to adapt to our customers’ requirements offering diversified products, custom-made to match their needs, and he is known for his flexibility, efficiency and speedy delivery.